Friday, 27 September 2013

Lesson Four - 26th September 2013

We did a discussion in class today regarding how children actually look at the solutions to a math problem.

Eg: 15 - 9

I also listed one of the solution where children can make use of a number line to work out the math problem.
Attached is a video of how children can make use of the number line not only to derive at the answer but they can also learn how if given the equation:  4  + __  = 10 they are able to fill in the blank with the correct answer.

Dr Yeap also included the following statement:
"Memorizing Math = Robbing children from the ability to reason/figuring out"

This sentence really stood out because all along, my mentality of Math has been about memorizing and remembering of formulas. I reflect upon how when i was younger and mum would always buy a stack of Math assessment books and make me do every one of it. She would say, "Practice, practice and you will get good results. Better remember all the formulas and use it on your paper!" I guess that is probably the reason why i felt that Math is a difficult subject to handle and never quite fancy it.

Perhaps, it is about time i begin to look at Math differently.. :)

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