Friday, 27 September 2013

Lesson Five - 27th September 2013

For today's lesson, we went back to working with Tangrams. This time round, we were asked to form a square instead of a rectangle. It was pretty challenging trying to fix the pieces together. These were some of the photos taken during our session.

We managed to find the the following solutions to squares of different sizes.

Besides that, we were also asked to head to the nearest museum to find some artpieces that we can use for our group assignment! We visited the National Museum and found some pretty nice works under the "William Farquar" section where there were a few artpieces of the nature and sights in Singapore, a long time ago.

We also went to the Peranakan Museum. I have always wanted to head there but did not have the time to. This visit to the Peranakan Museum was a whole new familiar experience for me. During this moment of loss, it felt good to visit and read about my grandmother's past. The similar things she would have experienced when she was a young nyonya. Looking at the kebaya exhibits and jewelry brings back good memories of my beloved grandmother. Yes, grandma had some of the similar jewelry and ornaments found at the exhibition. :) The visit to the Peranakan Museum was definitely heart warming. :)

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